Website Traffic Analysis

Let us analyze your website traffic and give you a detailed report on who is visiting your website, where they are located and more detailed information.  This information will provide insights on your next business marketing strategy and enable you to make the best decisions.

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Lead Generation


Aggregate is a proprietary data append system with built in artificial intelligence to identify your customer avatar with %100 accuracy.


Import your data and we do the rest. Your customized Aggregate report will change how you do business forever.


To prevent wasted spending, increase ROI and lead quality, and target the most valuable traffic to put you in control of your ad campaigns.


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SEO (Search Engine Optimzation

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)  is the process of getting organic traffic to your website.  The goal is to rank on Page 1 so that potential customers/clients who are searching for your services are able to find your business.  Most people searching click on the first 2-3 websites listed at the top of page 1  please visit

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Businesses could lose $16.4 billion to online advertising click fraud in 2017

Tracking website traffic involves a lot of analysis and hard work, which is essential for the success of any website. Many owners of websites may have little or no knowledge of this, mostly because they may not be tech savvy and also since their primary aim is only to market their business. In other words, many small-time online businesses do not have access to website traffic analysis and are not aware of the importance.

Apart from this type of analysis, an analysis of the actual website traffic reporting is essential. Businesses spend a lot of money in researching their audiences to understand consumer behavior. In the virtual world, the audience information present on web servers is largely ignored. Intelligent business decisions can be made by analyzing the statistics of website traffic. Such an analysis can also help in targeting and reaching relevant audiences, and improving ROI.  Businesses that are using Adwords for marketing are vulnerable to Paying close attention to your website traffic analysis (metrics) enables you to measure the effectiveness of your online business.

Once all the metrics data are analyzed, areas of improvement can then be organized.   More and more business are finding it more difficult in identifying their audiences, and even more, the course of action to take advantage of market trends. Therefore, it is imperative that you do proper website traffic analysis.  Our new Aggregate program will enable you to laser target your cusomter/client.

Get True and Accurate Analytics 

We use server-side scripts instead of slow and user controlled JavaScript to analyze traffic and generate analytics. 63% of millennials internet users today are using ad blockers. This means those users are NOT going to show up in your Google Analytics, or any other JavaScript based tracking software. Tracking pixels are also completely disabled by some blockers as well. We cannot be blocked by these JavaScript blockers because we simply do not use it.

Click Fraud Detection

Click fraud is the process of forging clicks on an ad to make the advertiser believe real people are converting. Click fraud is cancer in internet marketing that runs rampant across all sectors. Major ad agencies are showing up to 40% fraud. Installing  our  traffic analysis on your ad campaign provides you with real data to determine what your real conversions are.

Increase Conversions with Filtering

Conversions are everything. Installing this on your website allows you to direct the traffic where you want, before page loads. This gives you the ability to direct traffic to specific targeted landing pages to better convert your traffic. For instance, if you can only practice law in California, but receive traffic from Nevada as well, with us you can send that Nevada traffic to one of your affiliates, or possibly another offer entirely.

Stop Content Theft and Scrapers

We don’t only block bots and spammers. Bots are constantly scraping the internet for content and images and your website has most likely been affected already. Content scrapers use these bots to collect your hard work and post it on competitor’s websites. We stop content scrapers by directing them away from your website before your content even loads.

For the best and outstanding Website Traffic Analysis, please contact us at 800-549-5388 or 585-299-2270. Try us today and you won’t regret it. Thank you!



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